Data Collection Unit

Gather rich data streams for Remote Condition Monitoring with a robust, configurable, low cost Data Collection Unit.

Predict failures before they happen and target preventative maintenance where it is needed the most. Intelligent Rail Infrastructure can be a reality today.

Initially produced for monitoring Electronic Axle Counters (EAKs) in real time, the RCM-DCU is a highly configurable data collection unit optimised to operate on very low power.

The modular design permits customisation to your application. The standard module includes a GPRS connection for uploading data to a remote server. 3G and 4G alternatives can be supplied.

The RCM-DCU is configurable for underground track side installation through a wired, narrow band RF or fibre up/down communications link.

Key Features

  • Robust design
  • Flexible data capture options
  • Data capture to millisecond precision
  • Colour coded wiring connection
  • High durability box for environmental protection
  • Watch dog system
  • LED Status Indicators
  • Designed and built in England
  • Over The Air (OTA) firmware updates
  • Operates from same 100V DC input as Thales EAKs
  • Can be daisy chained for in-tunnel operation
  • IP68 rated enclosure suitable for exterior use
  • Made from UL 94 compliant materials
  • Compliant with LUL S2508, EN 50121, RoHS
  • Branded face plates on internal modules
  • Below 2 Watt average power consumption
  • Compliant with trackside environmental, vibration and EMC standards
  • Made from approved materials
  • Individual serial numbers on modules, loom and enclosure enabling
  • detailed tracking


Our Data Collection Unit has a modular design for simplified maintenance and adaptability. For instance, the PSU could be changed to allow the DCU to operate at a different input voltage. The communications module could be changed for new connectivity options.

Over The Air Updates

Our CPU module can be reprogrammed remotely providing the convenience and cost savings of unattended upgrades.

Telit GPRS Module

Our communications module utilises GPRS services tailored for SCADA applications. Telit SIM cards are not subject to minimum usage policies, have long term support and can be configured over the air to use a specific mobile network or to roam. Telit also provide 3G and 4G modules for higher bandwidth applications.


IP68 compliant and corrosion-resistant enclosure. Watchdog constantly monitors the communication lines for activity. The computer is automatically reset after an unexpected quiet period.


The DCU is fully adaptable with various communications modules, data collection components and outputs. Suitable for data collection from digital and analogue streams. Please see specifications for more details on input options.


Our unit is simple to install and to deploy, with no preventative maintenance required. There is a continuous self testing through software, as well as error reporting through diagnostics port and status LEDs to aid in fault isolation. Quick to ‘swap out’ any module in the unlikely event of a hardware fault.



Standard communications module:
1x GPRS antenna
2x RS-232
2x RS-485 ports serial ports

Alternative communication options:
1 x telecommunications module (2G, 3G, 4G)
5 x General purpose serial ports
Can be any mix of industrial RS-485 and industrial RS-232 ports

Serial ports can be connected to:
Analogue to Digital converter sampling at up to 100 kHz and with up to 24-bit precision
868 MHz radio communication module
Current input sensor (AC/DC to 100 kHz)
Strain sensor
Relay driver card
Environmental sensors (e.g. temperature, humidity)
Any other sensor


Processor: PIC32MX
Clock Rate: 80 MHz
Memory: 128 KB RAM, 512 KB Flash
Additional Storage: 1 MB Flash on board


Compliant with LUL S2508 environmental requirements
-20°C to +70°C ambient temperature range

Enclosure Specifications:

Fibreglass construction
Compliant with NEMA 4X (IP68) environmental protection
Corrosion resistant
UV Stabilized (will not discolour)
UL 94 Flammability Rating


Input: 100V DC (Depending upon PSU)
Output: 5V DC
Power consumption: < 2W, surge limited